Video Resource: Foundation Trust Joins Council on Aging Partners to Support Seniors in Isolation

The Foundation Trust recently joined partners from the Amesbury Council on Aging and the Melrose Council on Aging to produce a video resource with Melrose MA Television to support seniors in isolation.

The video expands upon the resource guide for seniors created by the Foundation Trust in 2020.

"The effects of extended isolation on seniors have been felt heavily throughout the last year with the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are learning many lessons that can help with isolation going forward. We are grateful to our friends at the Melrose and Amesbury Councils on Aging for sharing their tips," says Lauren Liecau, Foundation Trust Manager.

In the video, Dr. Jana Pressley, Foundation Trust Senior Training Associate, shares insights on the role that prior trauma can play in individuals' mental health. These are echoed by Courtney Hutchinson, Amesbury Council on Aging Assistant Director and Program Manager for the Amesbury Elder Mental Health Outreach Team, who speaks to mental health impacts and available resources. Additionally, Stacey Minchello, Melrose Council on Aging's Executive Director, and Doreen Arnfield, the Amesbury Council on Aging Executive Director, discuss activities that have been most valuable to seniors' health and well-being during isolation.


View the video here: