Foundation Trust Scholarship Recipient Noah Anthony Graduates BU Questrom School of Business

The Foundation Trust is pleased to highlight Noah Anthony, recipient of the Dante Dieso Scholarship from 2019-2023 at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. Noah was the third recipient of the scholarship and graduated from Questrom last May, receiving his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Administration with a concentration in Information Systems.

Originally from Waterbury, Connecticut from a family of five, Noah shared what receiving the scholarship meant to him and his family. “The Dante Dieso Scholarship meant a lot to me. One of my goals entering college was to try to make my parents contribute as little as possible financially. My father works a lot to provide for me, my 2 siblings, and my mom. There's a lot of spending that has to go on in our 5-person household. So if there was any way I could help provide for my own education, I wanted to do that. The Dante Dieso Scholarship really helped a lot with that, among other scholarships that I'm also very grateful for.”

Noah completed his last semester on the Questrom School of Business Dean’s List and currently works as an Allocation Analyst for TJX Companies in Framingham, with whom he developed a connection during a summer internship. “In the summer of 2022, I worked as an Operations intern at [TJX Companies] Woburn Distribution Center. There, I got to see and understand how their supply chain works. One of the things I learned quickly was TJX's emphasis on "Relationship before Task." TJX isn't a company where people come in, do an 8-hour shift, and leave. We constantly communicate with each other and create relationships that go beyond the job itself. So that's what made me decide to stay within the organization. Having that supply chain knowledge, I wanted to move into the corporate side of things, and so that landed me into my current role, which I'm very excited about.”

Noah’s undergraduate experience was certainly unique, and he demonstrated his resilience when the COVID-19 pandemic began just a few months after he began his studies at Questrom. In response to how this impacted him he shared, “Just as I was getting used to navigating the campus, both in a physical and social way, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Instead of getting to be face-to-face with my professors and peers, we were all now sitting in front of laptop screens all day. It took a lot of adjusting and putting intentional effort into things like going outside, exploring the city with my friends, and just trying to keep as much of a balance as possible. During that time, I learned a lot about myself as a person, something I was trying to do my freshman year. Once junior and senior year came around, I was a lot more confident and engaged in campus life.”

In addition, Noah reflected on being an underrepresented minority student at Questrom. “My experience at BU was great, unique, and something I wouldn't change. Being a minority student 100% affected my experience, particularly within the business school. Questrom is made up of primarily Caucasian and Asian students. There were not a lot of other Black students in the school. Being a mixed student, it also goes beyond color. The way I talk, act, and dress, were all things I found isolated me from the rest of my classmates. Being friends with other Black students, the one thing we had in common was being in classes where we were the only person of color. So it was very isolating. However, I was a part of a fellowship called Ascend, which is run by Cecilia Yudin. In that program, minority students of color come together to find community. I met and became friends with a lot of amazing people in the fellowship. While I was a student, I got to be a mentor for incoming fellows, and we all got exclusive professional opportunities that helped boost us as minorities within Questrom.”

“We congratulate Noah for his accomplishments at the BU Questrom School of Business and wish him all the best at TJX Companies and his future endeavors. His success is a great honor to the legacy of our founder, the late Dante Dieso, and we are proud to support ambitious and passionate students like him,” shared Foundation Trust Managing Director, Janelle Johnson.

The Dante Dieso Scholarship Fund is a permanently endowed award that was established as part of Boston University’s Century Challenge and provides annual need-based scholarship awards to one or more deserving students at the Questrom School of Business.

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