Foundation Trust Makes Major Gift to Boston Children’s Hospital

Rooftop Garden-Children's Hospital

The Rooftop Garden

The Foundation Trust is pleased to announce its capital gift of $100,000 to Boston Children’s Hospital towards the construction of the Hale Family Clinical Building, a new facility opening in the Fall of 2021. The building will include a comprehensive and integrated five-floor Heart Center, a new state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care unit, and 10 new operating rooms incorporating sophisticated technologies for advancing minimally invasive procedures.


Boston Children's Hospital

The Nook: Named in honor of Dante Dieso, grantor of Foundation Trust

Adds Zoé Schmitter, Senior Office for International Development at the Boston Children’s Hospital Trust,

“The new Hale Family Clinical Building will be an 11-story, state of the art facility that will enable Boston Children’s to provide enhanced and more efficient care to patients and families. With the addition of 71 single inpatient rooms, the building will allow all patients to be cared for in private rooms, and will include 25 percent more green and outdoor space.”

In acknowledgment of this substantial contribution, our Founder, Dante Dieso, will be honored with a named nook in Boston Children’s Hospital’s new rooftop garden, located atop the main building. The 8,000-square-foot space is part of the hospital’s series of “healing gardens.” These serve as a refuge for children being treated, their families and visitors, and the staff who care for them. The garden offers sweeping skyline and harbor views, a lush knoll for free play, and diverse seating options designed to accommodate children with disabilities.

“Boston Children’s Hospital is grateful to Dante Dieso and the Foundation Trust for naming a nook in the rooftop garden in the Berthiaume building,”

states Ms. Schmitter on behalf of the Boston Children’s Hospital Trust.

“Outdoor spaces are cherished by patients and their families, especially those who are in the hospital for long periods of time. This nook will provide a peaceful place for patients and their families to spend time together, get some fresh air and sunshine, all while admiring the different seasonal plantings and the view of Boston in the distance. Thank you for providing a space that will be important to the overall healing process of our patients.”

Dante Dieso was an advocate for advancing science and medicine, and a gift to Boston Children’s Hospital was one of his final requests. Explains Dr. Joseph Spinazzola, Executive Director of the Foundation Trust,

“the announcement of plans to build the Hale Family Clinical Building was providential. It afforded us a wonderful opportunity to honor our foundation’s grantor while making a meaningful difference in the lives of thousands of children for decades to come.”

Founded as a 20-bed hospital for children in 1869, Boston Children's is the number one pediatric hospital in the nation. Home to over 1,100 scientists, Children’s maintains the world's largest research enterprise based at a pediatric medical center, and its discoveries have benefited countless children, adults and families worldwide.

Boston Children's Hospital

Panoramic view of Rooftop Garden at Boston Children's Hospital.

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