Foundation Trust Launches New Resource Website on Complex Trauma

The Foundation Trust is proud to announce the launch of a curated repository of classic and emerging information and resources on complex trauma exposure and adaptation.
Complex Trauma Resources site logo

The Developers

Developed by Joseph Spinazzola, Kaitlyn Machairas, and Marcia Hutchinson, content matter experts whose professional backgrounds in the social services field have been informed by their lived experiences, this website was designed to serve as a comprehensive and comprehensible resource benefiting consumers and multidisciplinary professionals alike.

A Curated Collection of Resources About Complex Trauma is filled with hundreds of searchable and indexed journal articles, books, videos, diagnostic tools, guidelines, fact sheets, external links and other resources that illuminate what complex trauma is, what is does to people, and ways to reverse its effects on mind, body and spirit. Featured stories and new blogs make the latest scientific research accessible to all, and an extensive glossary translates psychiatric jargon into plain language.
As an operating foundation, the Foundation Trust created and will routinely update as an educational and awareness raising resource that supports the first of our four priority tracks: Overcoming Life Adversity for People Impacted by Complex Trauma.

Expanding the Reach of Our Impact

While the foundation’s philanthropic arm is primarily limited to New England, through this new resource we are honored to have the opportunity to extend the reach of our informational services throughout the United States and beyond to people affected by complex psychological trauma and those who care about and serve them.