Foundation Trust Congratulates Recipient of Dante Dieso Scholarship

The Foundation Trust commends Noah Anthony, the recipient of the Dante Dieso Scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. Noah just finished his freshman year at Questrom, where he is studying for his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management.

Noah hails from a family of five in Waterbury, Connecticut, and he was drawn to going to college in a bigger city. “New York seemed like too much of a jump for me, whereas Boston felt like the perfect place for me to adjust to city life,” he says. In response to why he chose to attend business school, he shares that “in middle school and high school, my focus was on getting high grades and playing basketball. I decided that for college I would pursue other interests, and business stuck out because it is a great way to make connections while being applicable to so many different career paths.”

Although he is still exploring what his career path may be, Noah presently finds himself most interested in Information Systems, noting that “we are living in a technological world, and that will only continue to grow. My dad taught me how to use computers as a young kid, and I like the idea of further developing my skills to make existing technologies better.”

Noah is the second recipient of the Dante Dieso Scholarship. “Receiving the scholarship meant a lot to me,’ comments Noah. “It takes some of the stress off my family and me, allowing me to focus on school without having to worry so much about finances and student loans.”

His first year at BU proved to be unlike anything anyone could have predicted. Noah recalls getting the news that campus would be closed for the remainder of the school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, saying “just like that, my freshman year was cut off. At the time I was sad; it has definitely been an adjustment and it is still a bit hard due to the unpredictability of when and how we’ll be able to go back.” However, Noah has proven resilient, coming up with a schedule that brings overall structure to his days, enjoying the extra time he has to read and spend time with his siblings. “I love to read, but hadn’t found much time at school to read for fun. Being forced to stay home, I’ve been making a book list to keep me busy over the summer.”

“We congratulate Noah on receiving the scholarship and for finishing his first year at Questrom in spite of the unique challenges this year. We are proud to support students like Noah through this scholarship, which honors the legacy of the Foundation Trust’s founder, the late Dante Dieso,” remarks Foundation Trust Manager, Lauren Liecau.

Noah also took time to reflect on his impressions of being a minority student at Questrom. “There was culture shock adjusting to the school at first. Business is a majority white industry, so it was challenging because most of the students in my program are from a very different background than I am. Coming from a minority group is something that makes me unique. I’m proud to be a representative of people of color, and thinking about how I approach people has made it possible to find commonalities,” Noah shares.

We at the Foundation Trust wish Noah great success as he pursues his goals!


The permanently-endowed Dante Dieso Scholarship Fund was established as part of Boston University’s Century Challenge and provides annual need-based scholarship awards to one or more deserving students at the Questrom School of Business.

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