We invite you to become part of our charitable activities by making a donation to the Foundation Trust using the form below. Your generosity helps support our cause.

Many of these options will entitle you to a generous charitable income tax deduction.


Additional Donation Options

  • Designated Donations

You can specify which of our programs (Tracks) you wish to support with your donation.

  • Matched Donations

You may be able to double your contribution to the Foundation Trust if you or your spouse work for a company with a matching gift program. If your company has a matching gift program (ask someone in your human resources or personnel department if you are unsure), enter that information below in the form.
  • Recurring Monthly Donations

A recurring donation is automatically deducted from your account.  It is easier for your budget, more convenient for you and very helpful for us.

  • Legacy and Planned Giving

Give a gift that builds your legacy and makes an impact that extends beyond your lifetime by consider naming the Foundation Trust in your will or estate planning. This can be done in a variety of ways:
    • Make a specific bequest for the Foundation Trust in your will
    • Name the Foundation Trust in a Residuary Bequest (allocating a portion of your estate that remains after all debts, expenses and specific bequests to other have first been fulfilled)
    • Designate the Foundation Trust as a beneficiary or owner of your life insurance policy.
    • Name the Foundation Trust as a beneficiary on your retirement plan's beneficiary designation form.
    • Make an IRA Charitable Rollover Contribution
    • Transfer other assets such as CD's, stocks or bonds to the Foundation Trust.

If you would like to explore these or other planned giving options, please contact us and the Foundation Trust's Administrative Director will contact you directly to assist you.

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