For Small Gifts for National Organizations: Unsolicited requests for contributions may be sent to the Foundation Trust by postal mail only at any time during the year. Organizations should refrain from sending more than 2-3 solicitations per year.

For Small Gifts for Greater Boston Organizations:

  • Requests for event-specific donations or other time-specific support may be sent at any time via email to administrator@foundationtrust.org.
  • Requests for routine operating support for nonprofit and municipal programs whose missions align with one or more of our priority tracks will be considered each Fall, with LOIs submitted by email to administrator@foundationtrust.org.

For Partnership Grants: Proposals are accepted only during an annual open solicitation period, which is announced on the Foundation Trust website.

For Scholarships: The Foundation Trust has developed need and adversity-based tuition scholarships in partnership with specific primary, secondary, collegiate, and graduate institutions. No unsolicited requests for tuition assistance will be considered. We are in the process of developing an emergency family medical assistance scholarship in partnership with a specific municipality. In the interim, inquiries about potential emergency medical assistance for Greater Boston area families may be sent via email to administrator@foundationtrust.org.

For Large Gifts: No LOIs or unsolicited funding proposals will be considered. These will be will be considered by invitation only from the Foundation Trust Trustees. Large Gifts will not be awarded every calendar year. Number and frequency of Large Gifts will vary based on a combination of availability of overall funding and determination by the Foundation Trust Trustees of the potential impact of such awards.

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