Foundation Trust Establishes Scholarship with St. Mary of the Annunciation School of Melrose to Support Families in Need

New Scholarship Fund Relieves Family Burden

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the Foundation Trust Scholarship Fund with St. Mary of the Annunciation School in Melrose, MA. The scholarship was established to mitigate the financial burden of unanticipated adversity on a family’s ability to continue their child’s education at St. Mary’s. Returning students entering grades 1 through 6 are eligible for full or partial tuition scholarships.

Explains Dr. Joseph Spinazzola, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Foundation Trust,

“Life adversity can derail a family’s efforts to advance the next generation through education and civic, moral, and spiritual development during the critically important first decade of life. This scholarship will help preserve the continuity of children’s elementary school experience in times of family hardship. We are proud to partner with St. Mary of the Annunciation in Melrose as the first parochial school in the Greater Boston area to participate in this scholarship.”

Christopher Beza, St. Mary’s School Principal, adds,

“We’re so proud of our award recipients who model the strong work ethic, discipleship, and kindness we strive to instill in all our students. We are grateful to the Foundation Trust for the investment they have made in the future of these deserving students. The Foundation Trust’s establishment of these four scholarships exemplifies the good work they are doing to positively impact our communities.”

Help with Difficult Life Circumstances

Founded in 1909, St. Mary of the Annunciation School is a private, co-educational establishment serving children from pre-K through grade 8. For over a century, St. Mary’s has been a centerpiece of Catholic education in Greater Boston. Its mission to instill integrity and academic excellence in a safe, caring environment aligns with the values of the Foundation Trust, and inspired its trustees to establish this scholarship for families experiencing difficult life circumstances.

Recipient of Foundation Trust award to Annunciata School

2018-2019 Foundation Trust Scholarship Winners (from left to right): Autumn Ingemi, Alex Iraheta, Gianna Pellegrino, Zoe Hannon.

Congratulations to the Scholarship Winners

The Foundation Trust congratulates the four students selected for the scholarship’s inaugural year: Zoe Hannon, Autumn Ingemi, Alex Iraheta, and Gianna Pellegrino.

Zoe Hannon is a 4th grader who is described as an “old soul.” She is caring and thoughtful, filled with empathy, and has an intensity and strength about her. She is fascinated by the world and by science, and wants answers to all the big questions. Zoe will change the world one day! Recently, Zoe’s mom, Kerri, experienced a serious health crisis that has limited her work capabilities. Kerri Hannon notes,

“We are extremely grateful for this experience and for the Foundation Trust’s generosity. It was an unexpected positive turn that we needed and brought long overdue smiles to our faces.”

Autumn Ingemi is a 6th grader who loves being creative through the arts, including dancing, drawing, and painting. She is a unique budding artist and is currently learning the art of calligraphy. Her family is especially excited to take part in the St. Mary’s costume contest this coming Halloween. On receiving this scholarship, Autumn’s mom, Amy, states,

“We were on the fence financially about putting the kids into public school this year. My husband and I both work two jobs because we want our kids to be at St. Mary's and have a Catholic education. The Foundation Trust Scholarship Fund is a great opportunity for families like us who work hard for our kids' education and will allow us to stay at St. Mary's another year."

Alex Iraheta is a 2nd grader who enjoys music, acting, art, sports, bike riding, and science. He loves Billy Joel, The Sound of Music, chamomile tea, and hanging out with his Papa. Regarding their family’s hardship, Kim, Alex’s mother explains,

“I have been a single provider for most of Alex’s life...this opportunity honestly came at the perfect time. I had been very stressed about finances among other things and felt immediate relief upon speaking with Joseph [Spinazzola]. Alex and I feel very fortunate to be considered and chosen to receive this scholarship. I want to thank the Foundation from the bottom of my heart for this help. This is just another way in which we have been blessed by being a part of the St. Mary's community.”

Gianna Pellegrino is a 5th grader who loves to play basketball, watch movies, and draw. She has a great sense of humor and loves to make up silly jokes that make no sense at all, which makes you laugh even more! Gianna’s mom, Lisa, states,

“My elderly parents recently moved in with us, and due to my own heath issues, my work schedule has been reduced. I spoke with Mrs. Harutunian [recently retired former principal] last spring and regretfully told her that sadly I didn’t think we would be returning to St. Mary’s. I was completely shocked and extremely grateful when I received a phone call from Joseph [Spinazzola] that Gianna was receiving a full scholarship. Thanks to the scholarship, my children are able to continue their education at St. Mary’s, which is very important to us.”

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