About Us: Serving the Underserved

Our Mission: Turning the Tide for Children, Families & Communities

In supporting the important work of small to medium-sized nonprofits in Greater Boston that larger charitable organizations may overlook, the Foundation Trust is impassioned to help individuals, families, and communities overcome adversity.


Through a unique combination of philanthropy, grantmaking, educational resource development, scholarships and emergency assistance, our mission is to enhance individual well-being and community development. Focusing on four program areas, the Foundation Trust is guided by a steadfast commitment to uplift vulnerable individuals and underrepresented communities. We are honored to support local efforts to end discrimination and victimization of children, adults with chronic conditions, immigrants, Black, Brown, Asian, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ communities. As an operating foundation, we are striving to to transform trauma worldwide by devoting our expertise to the creation and dissemination of educational resources maintained at complextrauma.org.


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